Additional experiences

Certificate of attendance to the 2nd edition of the congress: “Technology and Therapeutic Innovation in Dermatology[from research to clinical practice]”
focusing on biological drugs;  2009 november 21-22th (Prof.Sergio Chimenti)

Attendace to seminar nanotechnology applications on biologic systems (Prof.R.Cingolani)

Certificate of attendance to the academic event INFLAMMATORY LESIONS, 2010 april 15-16th URTV; (Prof. Sergio Chimenti)

Certificate of attendance to the congress: “a joint in Rheumatology”

Pres. Prof. Roberto Perricone  Univ. di Roma Tor Vergata – 2010-11, Lectiones Magistrales held by Prof. Y. Shoenfeld

Villa Mondragone Centro Congressi e Rappresentanza -URTV

Involved in the following poster presentation for the Società Italiana di Reumatologia,



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